During Dutch Design Week 2015 (17-25 Oct) I am happy to present 'The Immersive Library' (in collaboration with Angela de Weijer​ for OUT of the BIEB​) at the Van Abbehuis​ exhibition Snap Into Position.

Opening: October 17th from 15:00-17:00.
Regular opening hours 13:00-17:00.
Other participants are Snodevormgevers, Lotte Van Wulfften Palthe​, Matty Christensen, Bert Staal. Hope to see you there!

Project description: THE IMMERSIVE LIBRARY

LOWTECHCAMPUS (designer Florian de Visser & artist Angela de Weijer) recently traveled to Istanbul, London and Tokyo to research the ingredients for the library of the future. On the road they noticed how configuration and purpose of a space influence and assist the user to achieve the right mindset to study, create or simply to focus. Florian and Angela have come to define this as ‘scripted space’, because of the physical steps it requires to enter a certain space while simultaneously making a mental transition to a different mode. LOWTECHCAMPUS has visualised a number of scripted spaces from their journey in animation/sound and spatial collage: The Museum of Innocence, Sir John Soane's House, the manga cafés, community spaces, various parks and gardens and an onsen (public bath). Florian and Angela believe the concept of scripted space can benefit the many spaces people use on a daily basis and have the intention to expand their research on this topic.

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JUNE 2015
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I was invited by Platform Scenography to make a new Continuo installation for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.
From 16-20 June I have been investigating the cardboard disposal in the touristic centre to find the right way and moment to intervene with an installation. In the end the timing couldn't be better! Read more about the results on
Platform-Scenography (P-S) was awarded the Golden medal for Best Curatorial Concept at the Prague Quadrennial!

JUNE 2015
Four new Story Signs for Utrecht are ready to be powder coated!

MARCH 2015
Together with Angela de Weijer I made a proposal for OUT-OF-THE-BIEB, in order to explore the Library of the Future. Our plan turned out to be one of five winning proposals! This means we will be travelling from Istanbul, via Londen to Toyko in the next few months. During our travel we are planning to develop a new methodology for a hybrid between collecting, thinking and making. We suspect that combining learning and creating in relation with the location where you do this might provide an essential set of parameters for future libraries. Our results will be included in a mobile exhibition.

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For the public library of Oss I made a conversation object that communicates their vision. It combines a lasercut model with an animation-loop and video. Pictures + video online ASAP!

conversation object for MVO Nederland

Site-specific performance art festival Passie in de Polder in Lelystad and Netl Park. In collaboration with Angela de Weijer I made several small installations and a sound-walk.

In collaboration with Ckoe I made two Animatorium-animations for PROUD Europe. They were presented during the Dutch Design Week and will be online soon!

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In collaboration with Erwin van der Krogt and Marloes van Bennekom I presented the concept for 'Bronnen op de Breuk'.

For centuries, the geological breaks in the Noord-Brabant subsoil determined the landscape, but although they are still there, today the breaks are hardly noticeable. The Gemert municipality wants to bring them back into view for the public. 'Bronnen op de Breuk' is a cycling route along a series of natural springs. Dotted across the higher and lower ground, the jumble of different layers of the earth ensures that the water from each of these springs is unique, with a colour and taste of its own. Cyclists can stop for a taste and buy a bottle from the local farmer or allotment holder, giving the break a new value.

Marloes van Bennekom, Erwin van der Krogt and Florian de Visser (alumni Man and Public Space) in collaboration with stichting Peelnetwerk, gemeente Gemert-Bakel, waterboard Aa and Maas, stichting Brabantse Milieufederatie, Natuurpoort Nederheide , Heemkundekring De Kommanderij Gemert, and stichting VVV Heerlijck Vrij Gemert-Bakel

JUNE 2014
Conversation object for the public library of Tilburg.

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APRIL 2014
An animation for Ooze Architects explaining how Constructed Wetlands may contribute to improve water purification in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
It's part of the documentary 'Agua Carioca', exhibited in April and May 2014 at Studio-X in Rio. Online soon!

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28 FEBRUARY 2014
Opening of the Chocoladefabriek in Gouda by Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands: library, archive, restaurant and a letterpress workshop in a former factory for chocolate coins, figures and cigarettes.
I was commissioned to bring the history back to life by telling the story of the manufacturing process in the floor. The result is a combination of perspective drawings and pieces of an old journal called 'A visit to the new chocolate factory'. More photos, film and explanation soon!

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20 + 21 APRIL 2013
For site specific performance art festival 'Passie in de Polder' I created 5 landmarks, and a route guidebook for the audience.

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3 APRIL 2013
Welcome to my new website with loads of new projects!
Some videos and texts are still under construction but will be uploaded as soon as possible.

30 MARCH 2013
VJ-ing at DGTL / NDSM / Amsterdam with The Cloud Collective